It's about laughter, love, and doing what we can to help.

Doing What We Can  私たちに出来ること

Volunteer ボランティア

Volunteering in an environment where your services can be of use is an extremely rewarding experience.  Vigor Japan connects potential volunteers with needs in disaster areas in the Tohoku region of Japan.


The large earthquake that struck the Kumamoto region in early April creates another opportunity to volunteer.  Please stay tuned as we gather information from the area to see what services are required.

Financial Aid  金銭的支援

Vigor Japan serves as a source of real-time information for those who want to contribute funds, goods, time, and services to the recovery efforts of the Tohoku region so heavily damaged by the tsunami of March 2011 and the earthquake in Kumamoto in April 2016. The staff at Vigor Japan travel to various Tohoku communities at least twice a month to gather information on who needs what, where, when, and why.  We will begin traveling to Kumamoto in mid-April to gather information on local needs.


By offering transparency and accountability, Vigor Japan assures the donors their contributions do indeed reach those in need. Those who give can expect reports, updates on projects, photos, and contact from the recipients (if they so choose). We will show how the money was spent, and who benefited from the donations.


ヴィガージャパンは東日本大震災の経済復興の為にボランティアを東北に送り込み、生の情報を確保し、現地の状況を世界の人に知ってもらう為のパイプライン として活動しています。これからも物資、支援金、ボランティアなどを必要としている東北各地の方々と話をしてからこそつかめる情報をフィードバックするこ とによって適切で、かつ正しいニーズを皆様に把握して頂き、復興に向けて一緒に支援していく形を作り上げます。



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